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Bathroom Remodeling Columbus OH

Bathroom Remodeling Columbus Ohio


The crew at Bathroom Remodeling Columbus OH is dedicated to making sure every one of our customers is satisfied with the services they receive. When you work with our expert design team, your kitchen and bathroom will always look great. You can rest easy thanks to our extensive experience in the field. You can learn more about our company, the solutions we offer, and how we help the neighborhood below by reading on.

About Us

Our business was formed on the principles of providing exceptional service to our clients, utilizing only the highest-quality resources, and maximizing the return on investment for our patrons' financial contributions. Our actions are governed by these essential guidelines. Each member of our team was carefully selected so that each and every one of our clients can have an experience that not only meets but also surpasses their highest hopes and fulfills their wishes.

Black and dark bathroom with stone accents and a granity sink with matching vanity

Our Services

Bathroom Remodeling Columbus OH guarantees that your newly redesigned bathroom will be absolutely distinctive. This can give you the confidence to decide. Our experienced designers can help you plan and design your dream bathroom, regardless of size or layout. As designers, we can build any bathroom, from a spa to a powder room. We work with our customers to identify the physical requirements needed to address the inside and create a unique ambiance. With this knowledge, Bathroom Remodeling Columbus OH can create several bathroom plans, each with merits and cons. After identifying our client's design goals, we must concretize and animate them. After determining the client's design goals. These images will allow our client to see the finished bathroom before construction begins.

New Bathroom Interior Finishing. Caucasian Men in His 30s Assembling Modern Cabinets. Home Interior Remodeling Theme.

Bathroom Remodeling

Bathroom remodeling goes beyond replacing fixtures. Major upgrades include a whirlpool tub, sauna, steam room, walk-in shower, new windows, or skylights. Bathroom upgrades typically add square footage. Our new floor plan requires taking down walls and reconfiguring closets. Bathroom remodeling benefits you and your property. Sinks, baths, toilets, lighting, and faucets save water. Utility savings save money and the environment. Older bathrooms may have lead paint, cracked tiles, uneven floors, mold, and mildew. Anti-slip flooring, grab bars, and handheld showerheads make bathrooms safer. This makes your bathroom safer, lengthening your stay or lowering medical costs.

Interior of modern bathroom with rectangular mirror and clean sinks attached to white tiled wall near shower cabin in modern washroom

Bathroom Design

We can find inspiration and innovative ideas easily thanks to technology. Bathroom renovations are high-return investments, so get it right the first time. The Importance of Bathroom Design Bathrooms are the rooms guests see most, so keep them clean. Technology makes shower-to-bathtub conversion easy. A luxurious tub is safer than a regular shower. Our shower-to-tub conversion lets you unwind after work. Your perfect bathroom awaits. We never use cookie-cutter specialists. We listen to your ideas, take precise measurements, and photograph your bathroom from multiple perspectives to construct the bathtub of your dreams that fits in your shower without awkward gaps. Do you wish to remodel or build a new master bathroom? Don't go over budget or have a design that doesn't match your vision. After you and one of our designers have identified the best use for your space, you may focus on finishing details to make your new home beautiful and functional. 

Large modern grey luxurious kitchen and dining room in studio apartment interior

Kitchen Remodeling

Even the best kitchen will ultimately wear out. Some older homes feature kitchens that no longer fit modern tastes, while others have evident design or functionality issues that make them inappropriate for the current occupants. Neglectful kitchens may require prompt professional help. A well-planned kitchen renovation can fix these concerns. Kitchen makeover increases property value and charm. Upgraded kitchens sell. A kitchen remodel modernizes and enhances functionality, which may convince a buyer. New kitchen appliances can reduce monthly energy costs and improve home efficiency. Your kitchen will look new and have better appliances. Kitchen renovations enhance appearance. Modernize your home by renovating your kitchen. Trendy cabinet colors, appliances, and countertops can refresh your kitchen. Upgrading kitchen cabinets simplifies cooking and cleaning. A well-equipped kitchen is low-maintenance. Durable cabinets, backsplash, and countertops save time and energy.

Interior of minimalist style kitchen with white cupboards and modern appliances in light apartment

Kitchen Design

Our professional kitchen designers can maximize the value and organization of your newly renovated kitchen. Our professional kitchen designers will help you choose door styles, paint colors, countertop materials, and cabinetry hardware, which may be fun but overwhelming. Use the waste disposal. Make sure the garbage disposal switch is closer to the sink so you don't have to reach for it while cleaning the sink. These are essential when remodeling a kitchen. Before remodeling, consider how you utilize your kitchen. Tile and countertop splashes may require garbage compactors, butcher blocks, or laminate. Singles who rarely cook should have a minimalist, clutter-free kitchen. When remodeling your kitchen, everything should have a function and fit nicely. 

Crawl space fully encapsulated with thermoregulatory blankets and dimple board. Radon mitigation system pipes visible. Basement location for energy saving home improvement concept.

Basement Finishing

Many basements are used as bedrooms, game rooms, or other rooms. Since it's being lived in, the room may be complete. But a basement used as a living place isn't finished. When the basement looks and feels like the rest of the house, we can call it finished. Lighting, heating, flooring, walls, ceilings, elevators, and stairs are typical facilities. Bedrooms need egress windows and closets. Flexibility. A finished basement offers many possibilities. Homeowners often add a full bathroom and use it as a bedroom. Home value increased. Completed basements boost property value. Most residential renovations have this benefit. Efficiency. Completed basements make homes more eco-friendly. 

Basement renovation unfinished interior frame of a new house under construction

Basement Remodeling

Every homeowner wishes for additional space. Where's the extra space? Expansion requires a costly room addition. Search your intellect too. Your basement has more space. Most homes use the basement for storage or services like heating and water. You can utilize the extra space for a home cinema, extra bedroom, gym, or anything else you choose. Due to their layout, basements aren't versatile. Basements are dark, cold, and solitary. A basement apartment for a sun-loving relative can be tough to install enough windows and sun tubes. Basements are ideal for non-light-intensive tasks. Home theatre’s work best with dimmed lights and muffled sound. Due to lower ceilings, basements can't hold tall training equipment. Instead of adding on, renovate your basement for a unique living area. The basement's isolation makes it ideal for trying out new decorating ideas. 

“Once the demolition started and the bathroom was finished, we had a fantastic experience. The staff exemplified the highest standards of efficiency and friendliness. The crew at Bathroom Remodeling Columbus OH, you are all wonderful.” Minuette P

“Our Columbus, OH bathroom remodel was a work of art thanks to the talented team at Bathroom Remodeling Columbus OH. They responded quickly and professionally. The new bathroom is beautiful and so convenient.” William K

“I was really pleased with not just the service and expertise I received, but the outcome as well. Excellent work!” Bob G

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Bathrooms are the most private rooms in a house, thus most homeowners prioritize their design and atmosphere. Upgrading a bathroom usually boosts home value. Additionally, Bathroom Remodeling Columbus OH is happy to design these rooms to the owners' specifications. We can deliver a bathroom that matches the customer's layout, design, and finishes because we pay close attention to every detail. Clients collaborate on this. You want a modern home. However, creating unified and intentional thoughts is tough. Bathroom Remodeling Columbus OH can use our design skills to improve your home's appeal and functionality. Requesting a bathroom redesign with no obligations is the first step. After scheduling a meeting with one of our professional consultants, we will confirm the appointment.